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Let a native of Bagan show you its secrets in style! Explore the beautiful temples of Bagan in a comfortable tuk-tuk & discover a side of Bagan that only a local can truly share.

Bagan — the Plain of Temples. If you are researching a trip to Myanmar, no doubt you’ve already decided to visit one of the most picturesque places in all of Southeast Asia, if not the entire world. Professional and amateur photographers alike have long heard the siren’s song of Bagan, a flood plain once home to over 10,000 temples, monasteries, and pagodas. Modern Bagan still features over 2,000 gorgeous religious structures across its 40 square miles.

How do I make the most of my time–and photos–in Bagan?

Bagan Transportation Services

Let Moe Wai & his team help you make the most of your time in Bagan. There are plenty of ways to get around Bagan, but the tuk-tuk makes the most sense for the most people. Your tuk-tuk is equipped with:

  • Cooler for chilled water
  • Local snack delicacy, tamarind flakes
  • Umbrellas to use as parasols for the strong Bagan sun
  • We even stock plasters / band-aids for any walking blisters!

Why is a tuk-tuk my best option?

You may be wondering, what is the best way to get around Bagan?

  • A car is luxurious, but can also be prohibitively expensive. Cars can also be limited in how off-road it can go to Bagan’s hidden temples away from the crowds.
  • An e-bike is exciting for the first hour, but it can be dangerous to maneuver in the loose sand found around many temples. Also, time wasted due to unexpectedly spent batteries can put a real damper on your trip.
  • Bicycles sound like a really fun idea, until you realize how hot and sunny it gets in Bagan, even in the winter! Plus the temples are spread out across an extremely large area.
  • Horse-drawn carriages or bullock carts can appear romantic, but after awhile the bumpy reality is not ideal for your spine or your photos!

Tuk-tuks can cover a large amount of ground, even off-road, and still allow the Bagan breeze in your face. This is the perfect solution to your Bagan exploration needs!



Bagan Photography Assistant Services

Bagan is undergoing massive changes in order to protect it from Myanmar’s recent tourist boom. In order to protect the pagodas, the government is putting heavy restrictions on how tourists and photographers can interact with the religious sites.  In early 2017, the government restricted the use of candles and incense in the temple photo shoots. In mid-2017, the restrictions went even further, banning the practice of monks modeling for photos within the pagodas. This makes photos like this one below a very special relic of the not-too-distant past.

(image courtesy of BJ Graf,

It’s important to work with a photographer assistant who knows not only the lay of the land, but the current official rules. Bagan native Moe Wai knows the ins and outs of Bagan, including not only the Plain of Temples, but plenty of rural locations for gorgeous photo shoots. From the banks of the Irrawaddy River to Buddhist temples hidden in the jungle, Moe Wai can take you well off the beaten path and into photo shoots ripe with possibilities. From arranging models and props to securing transportation, Moe Wai is your perfect companion in a Bagan journey. There are still magical photos to be taken in Bagan!

(image courtesy of Lauren Rathvon at

Transportation Price List



Sunrise  : 10,000 Kyat

Sunset  :  10,000 Ks

Half day (4 hours)  :  15,000 Ks

Full day (8 hours)  :  25,000 Ks

Mount Popa  :  30,000 Ks

Pukoku  :  25,000 Ks



Railway Station  :  5,000 Kyat

Bus Station  :  5,000 Ks

Airport  :  5,000 Ks

Full day (8 hours)  :  25,000 Ks

Old Bagan  :  4,000 Ks

New Bagan  :  7,000 Ks

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Myanmar phone number (preferred method of contact)

+95 925 910 1785  or  +95 925 490 6142

(When dialing from inside Myanmar, you can drop the “+95” and add a “0.” Click here for instructions on how to call from Myanmar from your country.)

Email:  [email protected]

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When we are exploring we usually hire a fancy car and driver to take us to visit the sights, however we met Moe and he told us he had a Tuk Tuk! We took a chance and gave him a call asking if he could take us around Bagan! Best decision ever! Moe arrived within 15 minutes to our hotel and the Tuk Tuk was so much nicer than we had imagined! It was brand new, super comfortable and Moe is a superstar!

We hired him and his Tuk Tuk for 3 days to take us out and to explore Bagan. He gave us all the tips and advice of where to go and also took us out from our hotel in the evening so that we could dine in the local bars and eateries and then took us home in the evening.

His English is incredible and he is such a professional young guy!

He absolutely made our 4 days in Bagan amazing and we are so happy to have met him accidentally on our first day!

Seeing Bagan and travelling around in the Tuk Tuk was so much of a better experience than being in a car! We got to see, hear and feel Bagan all the more and we highly recommend using Moe’s services! He is also an excellent photographer and was able to help us get some awesome shots! Thank you so much, Moe!!!


Kenny T.

My husband and I first met Moe Wai on our first trip to Bagan in January 2014, and he has been a HUGE part of our travels in Bagan every year since then. He knows Bagan like the back of his hand, and he knows the perfect time of day to visit each site for photography. He has a brilliant eye and is an asset for any photographer or aspiring photographer.

In addition to being a wonderful host, Moe Wai is also an accomplished artist, as well!

Anything you want to experience in Bagan, Moe can help set up for you. His connections are unparalleled, and his kindness and generosity are humbling. I cannot think of a better companion for your time in Bagan!

Lauren R.

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